House "Renovation" day 1.


Our good friends, Noa and Julie, came down to spend this weekend with me and Herman (although Herman had to leave on Saturday for another trip).

While Noa had a restful Saturday, my beautiful friend Julie and I began operation "get the house ready to rent". The house is basically a blank slate with white walls, and in the case of the master bedroom - white floors. So we started our morning at home depot, buying paint for all of the rooms.

I almost had a heart attack at the amount of paint...but found out that they sold me too many cans! Mostly, too many cans of primer.

I will be going to get my money back...

By the way, does anyone know what kind of floor that is? It doesn't really matter since we're going to cover it...but man it's ugly!

Thanks Julie, for all of your hard work - and for keeping me company!


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