How Many Layers of Wallpaper Does it Take To...?



So in the little breakfast nook area of the house, there is pink silk wallpaper. That's been there for 15 years and hasn't really been cleaned. Yech. It obviously had to go (I mean, the pink was enough reason).

At the recommendation of Julie and her dad, I found some wallpaper remover spray and went to work on it yesterday. The silk layer came off easy enough, but then there was the glue layer that I had to scrub. As I was working on it, I noticed that they had painted over something, but I couldn't tell what - until I removed the doorbell thing and I found the culprit - this hideous leafy wallpaper. They painted over it and it's been up there so long that it would take me months to chip it all off.

It's pretty much stuck to the wall for good. So...for now...I'm also going to paint over it.

And the other treat I found - remnants of a metallic green foil wallpaper.


And no...that's not our picture on the wall...this was taken before we bought the house.


Bar Bar A said...

I guess the people who owned the house were from the 70's or green?

It sounds like so much work! But it will look great when it's done.

I'm glad you read my blog, I look forward to reading yours too :)


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