And...the Geekiness Continues.


So every year, Disney does this Star Wars Weekends thing at MGM. Storm Troopers guarding the gates. All the characters walking around (sort actually have to stand in line to see them). The soundtrack piped into the park.

We had to go. Obviously. Somehow, we'd missed this last year...and seeing that we'll be gone for 3 years...

It was fun. We only went for a couple of hours, but I think to experience all they have to offer, one has to be there for the entire day.

Go ahead can laugh at me. At least I wasn't walking around the park dressed up in my home made costume. I wouldn't humiliate myself like that.




julie said...

Ok, so you didn't dress up this time. Good for you. But I know that deep down, you wanted to.

Glad you got to go...I'm happy for you. Besides, we've all got a bit of geekiness in us somewhere (did you say, "dogs"?!).

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