When one lives in central Florida, there is no end to the abundance of things to do.

Some of those things are not so cool: Orchid World. Fun Spot. (among many)

Some of these things are very famous: Disney World. Universal Studios.

And *cough* some are just cool: Kennedy Space Center and the whole NASA thing (and yes, we have season passes. I wish I could've spent more time out there).

For the last couple days, they've been rolling out the space shuttle Discovery. Wouldn't you know it, after living here for two years, there's finally going to be a launch...and we're leaving for RI on Friday.

I haven't packed yet. I haven't done laundry.

All I want to do is get in my car and go see this thing sitting on the launch pad.


Slimbolala said...

I used to work at the Stennis Space Center in southern Mississippi where the shuttle rockets are tested. I always knew there was a test going on because, although I couldn't hear it in my office, I could feel a subterranean rumble coming up through the floor. I would go outside and watch the giant plume of white smoke rise up over the pine trees. Very cool.

Traci said...

Very, VERY cool.

The job and the subterranean rumble.

Bar Bar A said...

Who knew you were a space geek? I mean, who knew you were into NASA and stuff? You just have so many facets of your personality/likes/dislikes. It's so fun learning all about them!

Traci said...

yup. I geek out over a lot of things. I was going to be an astronaut...until I found out about the whole math thing. And the motion sickness thing.

So I'm just going to be an artist.

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