Here's to More.


To my life, my love, my best friend...happy anniversary.

Thanks for choosing to live out your life with me.

I love you.
*and I'm sorry we can't spend it together*


Anonymous said...

Guess who just showed me your blog page thingie (i don't know what it's called)...? Herman, yup, your one and only. And the first thing I saw was the announcment of your anniversary.
I'm so glad to see some pics and to hear how you're doing. I laughed so hard at the RISDI comments. Especially the first and third. he he he.
I miss you and hope to hear from you soon. Oh, by the way, there's a new coffee shop in the Publix center on Chickasaw. Another mom and pop one! Cool, huh? A church owned shop or something.
Anyway, did I write too long for one of these things?
Bye for now, melinda

Herman said...

Happy anniversary, my beautiful, beautiful wife...

Thanks for loving me when it's been hard. Times when we feel like we are banging our heads against a concrete wall to try to make us work. Thank you for loving me with all my flaws.

I am so excited that we get to share this adventure together. Here's to many more years, many more adventures, and many more laughters together!

You know, we still have many, many more things in this world to make fun of before its all done. :)

your husband.

Bar Bar A said...

What beautiful photos! Oh Traci! Happy Anniversary! Seeing your love for your husband and his for you gives me hope.

Ahhhhh and I love what he posted here. Can you tell I'm a romantic at heart?

Talk to you later,

Slimbolala said...


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