He's So Needy.


Dexter is quite talented and has a keen sense for the things he wants. For example:

TV radar: It's inevitable that when we sit down to watch tv, Dexter will appear as if from nowhere, and climb onto my lab.

Nap radar: It's inevitable that whenever I lay down to take a nap, Dexter will insist on curling up beside me.

Computer radar: It's inevitable that whenever I sit down to work at the computer, Dexter will fall right in front of the keyboard...normally on my hands so that I can't do anything.

He's so needy.

Someone should tell him it's very un-catlike.


Layla said...

He's so cute! He reminds me of my cat, Brewster because of the look on his face - they look nothing alike otherwise. You'll be able to take him with you right?

Traci said...

Oh yes...he's going with us. Although he'll be spending the summer with our good friends Noa and Julie - and their dog Sadie.

I'll miss him.

Regi McInfly said...

It's true - when I met him he followed me around like a dog.

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