Just Foldin' Some Paper.


For my 3D design glass, we've been working with paper and patterns and folding. It's pretty fun.

But also slightly annoying.

For instance, last night, I couldn't sleep (combination of extreme heat and having a slight fever). Instead, I had these sort of hallucination dreams about finding patterns and folding paper. I wasn't fully asleep, and I wasn't fully awake.

It was very stressful.

And now I'm very tired.


Regi McInfly said...

So i'm in Utah, in a city called Hurricane (which i find funny since this is a land locked state). But on to my point - i was able to use "high brow" n sentance - it just rolled off me tounge. So here's how it went down: We pull in to Hurricane about 10:00pm and are starving, we ask the lady at comfort inn where a god place to eat was - excitly she says go to JB's, their open 24 hours". So we do. I will spare you teh details about JB's, but lets just say it makes Denny's look high brow.

When i said that in company i was with they loved the new phrase....i think I'll start using it.

I knwo that wasn't the greatest story - but i think the just bing in a hurricane Utah has drained me of all creativity.

Traci said...

So funny. I've never thought of myself as a trend setter....

My question is...why are you in Utah?

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