Signing off (for just a bit).


Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Providence, Rhode Island where I will be spending the next six weeks at this place.

Looks nice enough...considering that I've NEVER EVEN BEEN TO RHODE ISLAND before.

I'll be back and blogging once I get settled in.

sigh. I'll miss the sun this summer.

[see...because I'll be locked in a studio for who knows how many hours a day. Get it? No? It wasn't that funny anyway]


jill said...

I stumbled over here from da*xing... I like the clean look of your site and will dive in soon!

ENJOY Rhode Island... I have an aung who lives there and I LOVE LOVE to get to go and visit. I garner you very lucky to get to live there too. So many sights to see...

BOSTON at your finger tips... But RI itself is wonderful. Newport, Block Island, and all the little towns abound with charm!

Good luck!

Bar Bar A said...

I'll miss you so hurry back to your blog. The East Coast will be an interesting change :)

This is such an incredible opportunity for you!!!! Way cool.


Regi McInfly said...

Come ....... back ..... to ..... blog ....... land ......

Slimbolala said...

Good luck.

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