The Snob that is Me.


Last week we were trying to figure out a cool place in Orlando to go for drinks with a couple of our friends. Herman innocently suggested Friday's (as in TGI).

My response?

"I think we're looking for something more high brow."

Something more high brow? Who talks like that (well...besides me, apparently)?

Herman's really latched onto it:

me: What should we eat for lunch?
him: How about McDonalds?
me: nah.
him: Why? Too low* brow for you?

[pronounced "loooowe"]


Bar Bar A said...

Wow, Herman is a hottie! Am I allowed to say that? I am cracking up that you said "high brow" and admit to it! Your too much.

Ummm, I've been meaning to ask this - what does 45 Wall mean? Am I dating myself? Am I uncool not to know? Should I have asked Regi in case I just made a fool of myself on nationwide blog?

I just don't get it. Hopefully it's a Traci thing and not something I was suppose to "get".

Traci said...


He's a hottie alright. I got the good one!

That's ok. No one knows what it means...outside of me and Herman. You can check this out though:

Traci said...

sorry about that...just go to the about this website link.

It's there somewhere.

Slimbolala said...

Well, I don't blame you in the least for not wanting to go to TGIF.

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