Winkin' Wally.


Since we won't be seeing each other for 5 weeks, and since our anniversary happens during those 5 weeks, we did a little 4th anniversary celebratin' last night.

And the funniest thing happened at dinner.

We went to this really nice restaurant on the river. Great view. Pretty nice atmosphere. You know the place - your soft drink comes in a really tiny glass with a really tiny straw. The waiters all tuck their ties in their shirts.

So the waiter (and when I say "waiter", I do mean male waiter) comes to take our order. I order first, then Herman orders...and then...the waiter winks at him.



Layla said...

I can think of two ways to interpret that wink. Not sure if I should put either one of them here :)

Okay I will:

1) He knew what you guys would be doing after dinner and was giving Herman the "have a good time with your foxey chick" wink


2) He thought Herman was much more interesting than anything served on the menu

Slimbolala said...

Yeah, those are the two most plausible explanations. Both are brazen. The latter is remarkably brazen considering you were sitting right there.

Traci said...

I thought it very brazen indeed...and the tiniest bit funny.

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