Bizarro World


So. Funny story.

Between the time I got my acceptance letter from RISD and actually arriving up here for the summer, I would often joke that RISD probably made a mistake and didn't really mean to accept me. I would confidently walk up to the table to check in and they would say (as they went down their checklist, "Traci Yau...Traci Yau...I'm sorry. We meant to accept Traci
LAU". I would go home humilated, but with my life making a bit more sense than them actually accepting me.

Fast forward to today.

They did, in fact, mean to accept me and I'm 4 1/2 weeks into their program. So, I go to the registrars to get a copy of my transcripts (which is a whole other embarassing story in and of itself. Let's just say college, the first time around, was not my friend).

Ms. Registrar asks my name. I go through the usual "Yau. Y-A-U" thing.

She begins flipping through her row of files, pulls one out and asks "Tessa Lau"?



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