I Think I May Be Learning Something!


I know, I know...it's been a few days. But really, I've been so busy with school (12-15 hour days)...and right now, the only interesting things for me to blog about are school related. And, quite frankly, my brain is sort of maxed out, and I don't really have anything funny or wise to say.

You'll just have to excuse me.

So. Before coming to school, the only drawing that I felt I could do involved a pencil and making things as life like as possible. But I've found that that's not "really" drawing [whatever].

My professor* is really into abstracts, defining space, and using new materials. On the first day of class, I hadn't ever even touched charcoal. The drawing on the left is evidence of that. The drawing on the right was my homework for today. I don't think he really liked it, but I am extremely happy with it - purely from a growth point of view.

*said professor is the same guy who fails to clearly communicate what he expects of us, and yet gets upset when we don't meet his expectations.


herman said...

I can vouch for Traci, this is the professor who tells her that he can't tell her what or how to do it. She has to "find her own inner voice". Then he tells her that she is wrong.

Is John McLaughlin your professor? Wrong! The correct answer is 134.

julie said...

Great point-of-view drawing. I think it's great, but who am I to speak, I'm just a teacher...

Oh, and your cat refuses to let me use the computer without having him right there, on the desk, in front of the screen, hair flying around the room. No, Dexter, not now....oh, okay...

Traci said...

ahhh....I love my cat.

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