Ah...the beauty and the perfection of design that is my new powerbook.

Even the packaging turns me on*. And Herman (a self proclaimed "computer guy"), likes to laugh at how protective I am of it.

*It's a graphic designer thing. I think. Or IS it?


Bar Bar A said...

I have a friend who felt this way about his MAC Powerbook too. He called me on the phone so I could "be with him" while he opened the box. It was a moment too good for him to experience alone. I was honored to be there for such a meaningful unveiling.

Slimbolala said...

I'm in the same boat with you, still experiencing the heart pounding flush of new love with our iBook. Apple is smart. They've figured out that (at least some) people care about design, and they'll pay more for it. Not everything has to be ugly and hard to use.

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