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One of the first things we did upon arriving in Providence was drive 2 hours to New Haven, CT and...IKEA (cue birds chirpping and dings of sunshine). We've had our eye on a great bookcase for the past couple of years (there's no IKEA within reasonable distance to Orlando), and since we both needed desks, to IKEA we went.

I normally don't like IKEA light colored wood, but they've recently began carrying things in the dark, urban/modern look that we like. I was very excited to find a cheap desk in the said color. It was cheap and functional. I liked it.

So I was more than a bit peeved to get home and find that my desk was not the black/brown promised by the tags and numbers, but rather...white.

Since the desk is so cheap, and IKEA so far away, and gas prices so very high, we decided to keep the blasted white desks (and yes, the legs don't match because they were supposed to match the black/brown).

Damn you IKEA and your affordable solutions for better living packaged in neat and easy to carry flat boxes with numbers instead of color names!


Bar Bar A said...

It gives it some....Character? I don't know...just trying to make you feel better. I am so co-dependent.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I had to laugh at your misfortune, Traci. If it's any consolation, they started the dark-wood line the year *after* we got our whole entertainment center set. I totally would have gone for the dark look too (a la C&B) but alas, had to opt for the light as well. . . feel better? :) (I'm co-dependent too!)

Sumiko said...

That was me by the way. . . I'm not a random stalker!

Traci said...

Yeah...we actually laughed too. And thanks to you both for *trying* to make me feel better.

JpN said...

I think we're going to outifit our decor in IKEA when we get to France. I have a feeling since the website is in French we'll experience the same good luck you had. I just hope "chaise" means "chair" and not "unwanted desk"

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