Something Happened on the Way to Orlando.


So Sunday evening, my friend Dana drops me off at the Providence Airport (is Providence even big enough to have an airport? you ask. Why yes, yes it is). As I check in, I'm told that the flight to Newark is delayed and I will most assuredly miss my connection in Newark, so they are going to reroute me through Cleveland. Fine by me.

So I board the plane to Cleveland, we back away from the gate, and then sit on the runway for over an hour...thus ensuring that I will miss my connection in Cleveland.

Upon arriving in Cleveland, I'm told that my flight to Orlando was the last one of the night, but that they have booked me on the first flight in the Miami.

I told them that I can't go to Miami. I just don't want to. (thank you Cleveland!*)

Actually it didn't turn out that bad (and by bad, I do mean me sleeping on the floor of the airport because I had no cash at that point). Herman's cousin and his wife live in Cleveland, so they picked me up, took me to their place, and then back to the airport in the morning. Then I got upgraded to first class. Wee!

So you can all now continue with your lives because, after 6 weeks, we are all (husband, cat and me) back together. Life is once again making sense. And my hand is right now loosing all feeling because my fat cat is lying on my arm as I type.


*to be said in your best rock-star shout.


Slimbolala said...

I'm puzzled that they would consider Miami to be a viable alternative to Orlando. Have they seen a map? Are they not aware what a ridiculously long state Florida is?

Traci said...

When I told the ticket lady (not really sure what her official title would be) that I couldn't go to Miami, she gave me this "well, why not?" look.

I figured that anything out of my mouth that ended with "idiot" or "einstein" or "sherlock" wouldn't have helped my I got someone else to help me.

Apparently, everything up north is within walking distance...

Bar Bar A said...

I bet Herman and your cat are both happy to have you home. :)

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