Another Recommendation.


Let's see...

Moved into a small apartment (nicknamed "the cave"). Check.
Unpacked things into our small apartment. Check.
Start school in less than a week...ok.

This might come as a shock, but my life hasn't been too exciting the last couple of days...thus the lack of really interesting things to post about. So...I thought I'd give my most current music recommendation: Neutral Milk Hotel.

Now, I need to prempt a few things:

1. I know...Neutral Milk Hotel - not such a new band. In fact, their first album came out in 1996, and their last album came out in 1998. But you see...I was really a different person back then. My musical tastes were not so, well, refined back then. So you'll forgive me for just discovering this really great band.

2. The picture on the right is from the album cover of "In the Aeroplane, Over the Sea". Now, by putting this artwork up and recommending this band, it does not mean that I support bands who encourage anatomically questionable young men to wave at women who have a drum instead of a head. Nor do I support the replacement of womens heads with drums. I tried to find out more about the artist behind such an abominable* piece of artwork, but alas, googling (or "googleing"? I don't know) "neutral milk hotel cover artwork" did not reveal as much as googling "the honorary title cover artwork". As it took me over 10 minutes to find nothing, I gave up.


Really though, if you're looking for a great band that can rival The Decemberists, check out Neutral Milk Hotel. They do not disappoint.

*I really don't think this piece of artwork is "abominable". I think it is rather pretty and fascinating.


Bar Bar A said...

I am going to come back and look at this more clearly tomorrow when my eyes aren't blurry. Pray for me, I want to have more refined musical taste too...seriously...I do. I want to like the stuff you like, ok call me a copy-cat, but I think your cool.

Wesley said...

Hey back, Traci.

The art looks a little bit like a Winston Smith collage -- he's responsible for Green Day's "Insomniac" cover, among other things.

Sounds worth sampling (in the old-fashioned, try-before-you-buy sense, not the newfangled use-in-a-hip-hop-song sense, though the latter might also be true). And googling "drum head woman wave" wasn't particularly revealing either, though it might make a good band name.

Traci said...

But, Barbara, you're the Queen of Classic Rock. That's something!

And Wes...thanks for introducing me to Winston Smith! I had so much fun perusing his work.

So does this mean you get dibs on the band name?

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