Artist or Designer?


I start classes in a little over a week. And not the "basics of art" kind of classes, but the real deal kind of classes. The ones full of 19 year old kids who want to be great designers. The ones that are intense and challenging and will, no doubt, push me way out of my comfort zone.

This, combined with the classes that I took this summer, made me realize that I am more designer than artist. I wouldn't have made that distinction a few months ago...but it seems glaring to me now. I think I'm comfortable in the role of designer, but I am challenged to be an artist. I want to be an artist too.

My dear friend Sumiko (thanks Sumi!), introduced me to an amazing artist who I constantly go back to for inspiration. His name is Danny Gregory and his story can be found in this book.

It's amazing. You should check it out.


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