He's An Addict. He Can't Help It.


(I know, we've gone a bit downhill lately here. Please file all complaints to the Rhode Island School of Design for sucking up any life that I thought I had. But please tell them I'm having fun.)

So this is our bathroom. It's small. It's not very interesting. Except for our cool shower curtain showcasing bands that have played at (the doomed)
CBGB's. It's fun. It gives us something to read...whilst* in the shower.

But our dear cat** is addicted to chewing plastic (I have no idea where that came from, or if it's even normal for cats), and within a week of having the shower curtain up, Dexter had made his way across the entire bottom of it.

Have you all heard of this before? Or how to stop it (and yes, we're currently trying the spray)?

*Thanks Wes.

**Ok...there have been a lot of posts here lately about our cat. I'm going to stop now. At least for awhile.


Wesley said...

Our cat chews plastic too. Which of course makes him throw up. He's not got into the shower curtain thing to my knowledge, but he's extremely fond of grocery bags, trash bags, you name it.

He hasn't been totally weaned of this addiction, but we instituted a Zero Tolerance Policy where he gets a time out (how parental of us) for his misbehaviour. This means putting him somewhere where he can't do any damage, and preferably, where we can't hear him complain about it (the latter is difficult), for a half hour or so at a time.

Good luck!

...and thanks for spreading the joy of "whilst".

Bar Bar A said...

Our cats, especially Bella, like to lick photographs. She will smell a picture a mile away and dig it out and ruin it. I have to keep any loose pics in drawers so she can't get at them.

As for the shower curtain, sorry...no idea. Maybe put some Tabasco sauce on it (or is that cat abuse?)

Traci said...

Wes - zero tolerance? Nice! Hey, did you have to quarantine your cat when you guys moved there?

Barbara - OK, your cat wins. That's just plain weird.

Wesley said...

Quarantine -- no, they recently (2004?) changed the rules so that if you get your feline or canine friends microchipped and go through an insanely complex process of form submission, you don't have to do the six months quarantine. Otherwise we wouldn't have had the heart to go, truth be told. The cats are the ones who really wear the pants (figuratively speaking) in this family...

The mental image of a cat licking a photograph to ruin is great.

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