I Dreamt in British Last Night.


We stayed up til 2.00 am this morning. Why, you ask? Were we so engrossed in deep, meaningful conversation that we just couldn't end? Were we out enjoying the night life* of Providence? What on earth could cause us to stay up til 2.00 in the morning?


I wish it were more heroic than that, but there you have it. We've gotten completely hooked on this show called Top Gear which is on the Discovery Channel. And as Herman was gone and we missed watching it together at 10.00 pm, we decided to wait up (catching bits of Mythbusters and Conan O'Brien in the process) until it re-aired at 1.00 am. It's full of the things that we love: fast, exotic cars. Slightly random funniness. And Brits. Lots of Brits**.

*you would only know how funny this comment is if you actually live in Providence...and know that as far as we've seen, the city shuts down at 5.00 pm.

**Which (along with our lovely British neighbors from Orlando, among many other things) fuels my desire to not only visit, but totally relocate to England. Herman says it's too expensive. Oh, and reading this post is so much more fun if you do, in fact, read it with a British accent. Cheers!


gobdol said...

My, What a lovely post, just lovely! Cheers!

Sumi said...

Cheerios, Traci! (Aloha too) Top o' the morning to you, my friend. Thanks for your call, and I promise I'll give you a call back too (and we can choose our respective accents). Dean and I were debating relocating to the islands permanently and decided I wouldn't be able to take it after a while. . . guess I'm destined for Cupe-town!

Wesley said...

One of the best parts about living here in London is that almost everyone has a cool British accent. And they say "whilst". Eventually this may grow old to me, but so far so good.

If you make it across the pond sometime (for short- or long-term), look us up. I'm always up for a pint or three.

Herman is of course right, it is too expensive. But you only live once...

Regi McInfly said...

dude - your so random - i love it.


Traci said...

Sumi...the whole keeping in touch thing will be even worse if you live on the islands and we live in London.

Wes...Whilst we be in London someday, we'd love to have a pint with you. Actually, I'm hoping that I can do a short study abroad thing while I'm in school (dragging husband along of course). We'll see.

Regina...dude...I miss CA.

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