I Never Knew.


So, apparently, I walk funny. Not so much "ha ha" funny, but "Dude, that's just not the way you're supposed to do it" funny.

I never knew. I never even thought about the way I walked. Heck, I've been doing it for 20 some years (not sure how old I was when I actually learned to walk), and it seems to suit me fine, most of the time.

Until recently, when I've had to walk, alot, every day. And I developed the most horrible shin splints.* After much whining and complaining to my husband, he watched me walk and kindly pointed out that I don't walk normal.

It seems that I walk on the outside edge of my feet. I also tend to hold my toes up a bit and push off of my heel rather than the ball of my foot. See? Funny. Upon trying to walk "normal" I noticed that the pain didn't feel nearly so bad.

So maybe all of that tripping over my feet is because of the way I walk! I can see the light! I'll just try to use all of my foot rather than part of it! Yeah, that'll fix it. Except that normal walking COMPLETELY MESSES WITH MY SENSE OF BALANCE.

I say "forget it". Don't mess with a good thing.

*This totally harkens back to the "Athlete Traci" days of old. Man, I'm out of shape.


Wesley said...

Your walk is cool. Soon all the kids will be doing it, just you wait and see.

Traci said...

That's me...the trendsetter.

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