I'm Gonna Be A Type Geek.


Today was my first day of Typography I (that's Type 1 to all the initiated). Yes, I have an entire class (5 hours every Monday to be exact) just to study type*. Actually, I have 3 entire classes just to study type...thus the "Type 1". Baseline. X-Height. Ascenders. Descenders. Ahhh...Have I mentioned recently how happy I am that I'm here? That I'm doing Graphic Design?

So I guess I lucked out on the professor. Apparently, she's the best Type professor at RISD. I also hear that she works the butts off of her students, as evidenced by the exercise below.

Now, they might just look like ordinary lines to you. And well, yeah, they're just ordinary lines. But our assignment is to draw each line, freehand (that means no cheatin' with a ruler). And they have to be exactly the same. See the distance from left to right and top to bottom between each line? They have to be identical. See how it goes dark, light, dark at very precise intervals? They have to be identical. See how my mark making is not all identical? Yeah. This is not a perfect page of these things.

And here's the great part (you should sense a bit of sarcasm there), we have to hand in 5 pages (11" x 14") of perfect mark making next week. And it doesn't end there. She'll be spicing it up a bit by adding curves, bends, and well...just making it harder on a weekly basis. Why? Because we'll be drawing our our typefaces soon. And she wants us to be very, very good.


You think it looks easy? I dare ya to try, wiseguy.

*I also have an entire class just to study color. I'll tell you how that one goes after tomorrow.

Thank you. Come again.


Bar Bar A said...

I don't think it looks easy AT ALL.

Bar Bar A said...

oh, and I already though you were a type of geek...


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