It Wouldn't Be My Life Without A Little Excitement.


(By the way, I'm completely stinking at this whole blog thing lately)

So I started class today. Form and Communication. 5 hours of class.

I decided that since I'm doing this whole going back to school thing, I really want to do it right (God knows I sure didn't do it right the first time). Be on time. Be organized. Always be prepared.

Well, naught for 3 ain't bad. Yeah, actually it is.

My morning started when I decided to get to class a bit early. This way, I could stop by the mail room to see if I had any mail, or more specifically, anything I needed to know about class today. You see, by doing this early, I would ensure myself time to run to the RISD store if needed.

The best laid plans...

I opened my mailbox and had a tiny little note saying that I would, in fact, need 60 (60!) photocopied images to bring to class. Let me remind you that at that point, class was to start in 20 minutes.

I panicked (even though Douglas Adams tells us not to), and called Herman. He grabbed some of my magazines and ran to Staples to make copies. By this time, I'm sweating, helpless, just waiting for him to get to me (and totally misjudging how much time it takes to make 60 copies).

I run into a friend who tells me to just go to class. At this time, it's officially 11.20, and my class is to start at 11.20. I get in the elevator, which stops at every floor before hitting mine - the 6th. I jump out of the elevator and see a note on the door of my classroom. We're to meet in the auditorium at 11.10. 11.10!!!

Back to the elevator, down the 6 floors, out the building where I run to the auditorium. We're there for about 20 minutes as they introduce the Graphic Design faculty. They then tell us to go back to our classrooms. This gives me enough time to call Herman and see where he's at with the whole making copies thing.

5 minutes later he drives up and in a very Bondish way, tosses my copies to me and I run back up to the 6th floor, squeaking in the door with about 3 seconds to spare before my professor calls roll.



gobdol said...

My name is Bond, James Bond, at your service. (I only do Black and White copies though, 'cause Q is still working out the kinks on the color copier.)

Bar Bar A said...

LOL!!! Oh Traci, that was great. I saw the whole thing in my mind...You've got a sweetie for a husband!!!

Queen of Procrastination said...

The name's Yau. Traci Yau. . .
Hey friend! Thanks for the voicemail encouragement/accountability. It looks like the winner is: Dancing Lessons! (Since they expire in December, a year after Dean got them for Christmas, and yes, I've procrastinated on them for a year)Stay tuned for Photography 101, Design 101, etc.! Love you, friend!

dogaholic in FL said...

So - how was class? And did you actually need those 60 images??

PS-can you guess who this is? ;)

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