More Product Placement...


Awhile back, I talked about how much I loved my foofpod, and how I'd be getting the bigger version for my beautiful new laptop.

And so I have...which led me to feel the need to tell all of you.

Also, as a side story, my cat is completely obsessed with this bag. The first time I brought it out and set it on my desk, it took Dexter all of 3.5 seconds to jump up on the desk and look at it. He gently reached out his paw to stroke the pretty green corduroy. Satisfied with it's apparent softness, he proceeded to get into flop position (yes, our cat does not lay down. He flops down). I leapt out of my chair and caught him mid flop...about 4 inches above my brand new foofbag...and more importantly - my brand new powerbook.

You will now see all of my creative powers (ones that should be focused on my projects...right now in fact) turned towards keeping Dexter away from his new favorite place to rest.

Oh, I'm very happy with the bag, by the way.


Layla said...

I told you I got two foofs didn't I? One for my pod, one for my camera. I love mine too. I think I have laptop envy looking at what's inside your new foof!

As for CT, I think he found my blog because I was linked to Sky's blog. So, it was purely an accident.

Mustang Girl said...

Too cute!

The bag is adorable! .:hehe:. I have a new laptop too... although not a mac... it is still fun!

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