Product Placement.


We ordered a large iced cappuccino, but they gave us..."The Tank" (apparently, there was a shortage on large glasses).

Two pieces of advice, that's all I'm giving today.

1. Be aware that drinking such large quantities (even if you are sharing) of coffee and milk will have some sort of ill effect on your stomach. 'Nuff said.

2. If you are accustomed to taking any sort of Sunday afternoon nap, make sure you consume "The Tank" after...not before your nap.


Mustang Girl said...

those are two good pieces of advice!

Wesley said...

Now I'm nostalgic for jumbo cups. You simply can't get a truly large cup, plastic or otherwise, at a fast food restaurant in the U.K.

Of all the things to miss...

Bar Bar A said...

your so cute Traci

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