This Week, It's All About the Music, My Friends.


A couple of weeks ago, I was on the Honorary Title website, looking at their tour dates and saw that Jarrod Gorbel (the frontman of said Honorary Title) would be going it alone on the Hotel Cafe Tour, which would be coming through Boston. Of course, we decided that we would have to go to this show, not only because of Gorbel, but because he would also be touring with Joshua Radin and Cary Brothers (a couple of my favorite artists).

Long story short, we ended up not going to Boston...instead we went to Northampton, MA last night to see the show. We're used to going to venues where there is no assigned seating...first come, first served, which means we usually have to get to shows early. So yesterday we took off from Providence and got to the venue (the Iron Horse - an amazing place)...and were the first ones there, so we snagged a table right by the stage and ordered some food.

Now, before I go on, you have to know a few things about me. One, on my list of beautiful things that can drive me tears is one of Radin's songs called "Closer". I LOVE this song, in a deep, very important to me kind of way. Second, when seeing someone "famous" I've never felt the strong need to rush up and meet them (not that I've seen many famous people. Actually, no one famous or even semi-famous). I've just never wanted to be that kind of person. Third, I'm usually pretty good at meeting (non-famous) people and making conversation. I've even been known to be witty, from time to time.

We were the first ones there, and the artists were all milling around, getting things to drink and really, just hanging out and we saw Joshua Radin walk by, and hey, he seems like a nice guy, why don't we go talk to him? I felt like a huge dork, but he was so nice, talked to us a bit, even took a picture with us, blah, blah. I even think I managed to tell him how much I like "Closer" (although I'm sure it didn't come out very eloquently). He was very down to earth.

We sat back down and I decided that that was it. No more meeting the cool singers that I like. I just don't enjoy making a fool of myself that much.

After all of that, the show was simply amazing. There were maybe 40 people in the audience and all of the artists sang 4 or 5 songs. Most of the time just them and their guitars. If you have a chance, you've got to catch this tour. It's all about a bunch of friends traveling and playing their music. It was really great.

Ok, highlights of the night:

Joshua Radin. I cannot think of many things more enjoyable than listening to this guy sing, and he's amazing live. His voice has the ability to both soothe and break your heart at the same time. I wish we could have seen him for more than 20 minutes. And like I said, I love his song "Closer"*. So hearing him sing it live was definitely a beautiful moment in my life. A very cool moment in our lives was when he said, "This is my song 'Closer'. And it's for you two" as he pointed at me and Herman. We got to thank him after the show (and - giddy moment alert - he gave me a kiss on the cheek.)

Jarrod Gorbel**. When you see this guy, (or meet him in a very dorky way) you expect him to be fairly laid back. But knowing his music, I was looking forward to seeing him perform. He does not disappoint. I cannot describe the transformation that happens once he is behind a microphone and his guitar. I've never seen someone sing with such rawness, passion, and intense energy. It comes through when you listen to the cd, but his voice blows you away when you are sitting right in front of him. It was brilliant.

Cary Brothers***. Perhaps best known for his song "Blue Eyes" (from the Garden State soundtrack), he closed the night with it.

*You can listen to "Closer" on Joshua Radin's myspace website.

**When we were eating dinner (nachos), I told Herman that I was more in the mood for something light. "Like Jarrod Gorbel?" he asks
(Because he's really really skinny, you see). Is that even legal?

***Another great observation from my husband: "His name is plural!"


Mustang Girl said...

Thanks for putting the link to the song. It is great! Soothing and lovely!

Your post is too cute! Star struck were we? ;)

Garden State!? I love that movie!!!

Bar Bar A said...

DUDE! That is so cool!

JpN said...

Very cool night!

Your husband has set the bar way too high for the rest of us. I may ask him to take me on a date sometime.

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