Body Art.


For one of my classes, we were to do human alphabets. I know, sounds incredibly lame right? That was my first thought, and I groaned inwardly at the thought of taking photos of people trying to make themselves look like letters.


But we had a really great in-class brainstorming session and my friend Jessie asked me and another girl to partner with her on using scars as letters. We got some of our friends to send us their scar photos, then today we ran around Providence and RISD talking to random people.

It was a great...Jessie and I are pretty shy and introverted, but our friend Nikki would walk up to random people and ask them if they had any interesting scars. No introduction. No, "we're working on a project". Just straight out asked, and would just walk on if they said no. You'd be surprised, she actually got two random girls to drop their pants (in the ladies room, of course) and let her take photos of their scars. You'd also be surprised at how many people actually want to show off their scars...oh wait, maybe you wouldn't. It was all very "12 year old, look at my scars".

What do you think? This is actually a 18x24 poster that we're printing out.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out (click for a bigger version, of course). Especially the "p". Beautiful.

On a random, musical sidenote, is it totally weird that I'm re-getting into the Wallflowers? Man...I'm loving me some Jakob Dylan.


David said...

a woman I just barely know was showing me her burn scars and surgery scars - in the supermarket! and took off her outer shirt so she could show me how bad her breast was scarred.
Now I am scarred

Christie said...

I do indeed like this a lot ... I wonder what percentage of these were accidental scars and how many were "intentional" scars? Like the "x", hmm. That secrecy is interesting, and the fact that it's black and white so the people are all the same in some obscure way. Cool. And oh wait, I'm one of those people with eager scar stories! I have a perfect "L" for this! Next time you need some scar letters, let me know, k? (o:
-- christie

Bar Bar A said...

I have a nice "L" if you want me to photo it and email it to you. I wish I could make these photos bigger so I could see them better!

I think is sounds fun - very cool so far!!!

Bar Bar A said...

Oops, I didn't realize Christie had an L scar for you already...bummer, this my chance to be famous!

Traci said... she's just crazy. I'd love to know what you did! (by the way, thanks for stopping by!)

Christie and Barbara...this was so last minute and I wish I'd emailed you guys! We really could have used your help.

And I'm not saying who, but someone here contributed a couple of those "scars"....

Hmmm...mystery indeed.

Wesley said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. Were they all pre-existing scars, or did you have to injure a few people or yourselves to complete the alphabet?

Next time, maybe the Greek alphabet?

Traci said...

Wes, about 80% of these were pre-existing scars...there were a few that had to be manufactured.

And I love the idea of the Greek alphabet...maybe it's something I'll work on on the side. Do you have anything to contribute?

Wesley said...

Hmm. I have a scar along the side of my eye that I picked up in my knife-fighting days (before I escaped the white slavers), but it's not very interestingly shaped. I suppose you could construe a lower-case delta or sigma from it with a little imagination.

Traci said...

All we need is imagination my friend. If you ever get around to taking a photo of it, send it my way. Maybe it'll hang in the MOMA one day.

Knife fighting days? Good one.

Wesley said...

Why does no one believe that story...

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