Grandaddy and Other Miscellany.


Ok. So I know that I haven't exactly kept my part of the "post-something-everyday" bargain, but unless you all have a burning desire to hear (on a daily basis) about my classes, my projects, and the number of hours put into said projects and classes...then you'll have to wait until I can come up with something else of substance to post.

Oh wait. When have we ever been about substantial postings here? Onward and forward then...

So, there's another band I'd like to share with you all. Actually not a new band by any means, so this is only new for you who've not heard of them. Have you ever been "followed" by a band? I've been followed by Grandaddy lately. I turn on the radio, a cool song is playing, and hey - it's Grandaddy. I watch a Honda Civic commercial on tv, like the song (and thanks to adtunes), and find out - it's Grandaddy. So I decided to check them out a bit more.

This is a great band. And to tantalize you just a bit, here's a link to the video to their new song "Nature Anthem". It made us smile (and laugh out loud) so I'm sharing the joy. Really, this video makes me happy in a way I just can't explain. Watch. You'll see. It'll make you happy too...I think

Which leads me to Tiny Showcase. The idea behind this website is that it'll be a place for struggling artists to get their work out there. They make small prints (thus the Tiny in Tiny Showcase) and sell them at a reasonable price. Also, most of the artists give 50% of their profits to charity...which is very cool.

The illustration under the picture of Grandaddy was done by the drummer of Grandaddy, Aaron Burtch (see how it all comes together?). I thought it was hilarious. You could have bought it for a mere $20, but it's sold out. Sorry.


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