It's been one of "those" days (in a "laugh with me" sort of way...not a "ahhh, I'm sorry sort of way").

It started when our alarm went off at 5.15 am. I didn't even know they had 5:15 am here in Rhode Island - but they do. And it's cold. See, we're more acquainted with 8, 9, and 10 am (yes, I'm spoiled and have a great class schedule. I'll get it next semester I'm sure). Why were we up at 5.15? Because I had to take Herman to the airport, so that he could go back to the beautiful Bay Area without me.

Which leaves me and Dexter alone for the next week or so. Which means I need to be cooking....yikes.

So after dropping Herman off at the airport, I do what any sane person would do - I go back to sleep. I set the alarm for 10.45 (yes...spoiled), knowing that I'll have enough time to shower and have lunch before I go to class. All goes well until I walk up to the building where I'm supposed to go to lecture, and I see all of the other graphic design students walking out. It hits me: my lecture was at 11.20 - not 12.20.

Crap. It just threw the rest of my day off.

Which led to a really embarassing conversation after class. You know, one of those conversations where afterward you sit there thinking...Man. I really am a dork (I actually have a lot of these moments, not surprisingly). Basically, I saw this really cool person that I know, and said cool person asks me how I'm doing. I sort of unload this total complaining dump on Cool Person. Now Cool Person is very, well, cool and nice, so Cool Person listens, smiles, nods...But afterward, I was thinking....Dork. Cool Person really didn't want to hear that.

Sigh. I will apologize to Cool Person when we next meet.

After I finally got home, I needed to run to Target. And it took me and hour and a half to get to the Target that is 7 miles from our apartment.

But the night was mostly redeemed by eating the yummy leftovers that my dear husband had prepared for me, and heading over to a friends to watch Lost.*

I'm going to bed now.

*you have to know: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - super stress days for me. Basically work and class all my waking hours. Wednesday, Thursday a bit more relaxed due to not having studio on Thursday. This little break allows me such luxeries as being able to actually sit on the couch and watch Lost, Alias, and of course, Top Gear.


Bar Bar A said...

Hey Traci, maybe tomorrow will be better. Don't worry about what you said to Cool Person...they probably enjoyed listening to you. I would have :)

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