Subtlety Makes Me Want to Cry.


For one of my classes, we have to keep a visual journal. It's a great idea really, to become disciplined to create something everyday. Every week, our professor gives us a new work to visually describe in 7 2 page spreads. First it was "visual". Then it was "ugly". This week? "Subtle". Like I said, it's a great idea - to create something everyday - if I didn't keep putting it all off until the night before it's due.

Man I'm having a hard time visually describing subtlety.

On a lighter note, we were watching an episode of Scrubs yesterday, and there was this bit about how people who consistently work the night shifts at hospitals are a Like the nurse who wore glasses with no glass in them (is that even how you describe that?). Today, when I'm walking on campus, I see a kid who's wearing green plastic glasses - with no glass in them.

Psssh. Artists.

Oh. And I love fall.


Bar Bar A said...

Does this mean you are getting a pair of glasses with not glass in them?

Let us know what you choose for "subtley"

Wesley said...

Fall can be subtle.

Sumiko said...

That's how I described my desired highlights to the hairdresser. I said "Subtle. . . you know, natural". To which she "Mmmmmhmm-ed". We both know where that got me. Good highlights can be *subtle*! :)

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