This is Weird Right?


About 5 years ago, when I was living in beautiful Fremont CA, I went to get some groceries at Safeway. Not finding the ground pork that I was looking for, I did what any reasonable person would do: I asked the nearest Safeway meat guy (yes, I think that's what he's called).

Me: "So. I can't find any ground pork. Do you have any?"

Him: pause. "No. It's not pork season."

I do believe it took me a few seconds to react, by which time he'd already walked away.

Not pork season? What?

Why do I bring this up? One, because it's always a great anecdote (you should see me do this live. It kills. Ok, not really). And two, because I had another of these experiences the other day. But instead of looking for ground pork, I was getting my hair cut. And instead of a Safeway meat guy, I was talking to the hair lady.

Me: "So. Should I be alarmed that I'm losing an inordinate amount of hair lately*?"

Her: "No. It's the fall. We all shed in the fall."


*yes, I occasionally exaggerate for humor sake. I don't think she caught that. But she did give me a terrific hair cut, so I'm sure I'll go back. I'll just not talk though.


Layla said...

Yep - both of those were weird. I hope your not going bald.

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