Apartment Life.


I hate our apartment and I want to move. Now.

Thing #1. Our downstairs neighbor. While he very well might be a very nice man, he is also one of the most inconsiderate. Case in point - our apartment doors close by themselves, which is always a nice feature, but if you do, if fact, take advantage of said feature and let it close by itself, it will slam shut. I'm talking a literal "shake the walls" loud slam.

He always lets his door slam. And not just during the day. At 2.30 in the morning. And again, at 5.30 or 6.00 in the morning. He does this multiple times in a 24 hour period, and I swear, it does not take much more energy to gently push the door shut behind you.

But, oh, thing #2. Thing #2 makes me to leave. Now.

So I took a shower this morning, like most people do (you know, to freshen up and all), and after getting out of the shower was blow drying my hair. I thought I heard something at the door, so I shut the blowdryer off, listened for a moment, then turned it back on.

All of a sudden, I hear keys in my door.

Before I go any further (and I'm sorry if this is too much info), let me just say that I normally am just in my underthings when I'm blowdrying my hair, today was no exception, and that my husband is currently out of town. Which leaves me in our apartment, alone. ALONE (well, except for the watchdog/cat).

So I put the blowdryer down and slowly walk the 6 feet to our door. At this point I'm thinking that someone is drunk (at 9.30 am) and just at the wrong apartment. Then, when I'm 2 feet away from the door - IT STARTS TO OPEN. So I lunge at it, frantically trying to close it and lock it while asking who's there.

Turns out it was the maintence man (who I didn't let in until I was, um, properly attired) who said that we were leaking into the apartment below us.

I swear I thought I was going to throw up. This coming from a person who always has to have 5 or 6 escape plans when she's home alone. I was so frightened. I mean, I had just gotten out of the shower! What if he'd come while I was showering?

Fast forward to now, 4.20 pm. I walked from class straight to the office to talk to them about it. The guy who I talked to was a total jackass. I completely understand that there are emergency situations when they need to enter an apartment unannounced, but the guy told me that our downstairs neighbor had phoned in the leak last night. And that it wasn't actually leaking this morning.

I guess I was just looking to say, hey, I understand emergencies, etc., but I no longer feel safe alone in my apartment, and can you, Mr. Jackass understand that? A bit of empathy maybe. Am I crazy?

Oh, and I'm going to Home Depot tonight to buy some sort of locking device for when I'm home alone...


Bar Bar A said...

TRACI!!! This is horrible! I would be scared too! What an asshole (oops, that slipped out - I guess I could delete)

I hope you are feeling safer with the locks from Home Depot!

marmotsm said...

ohhhh...don't ya just love apartments. I feel your pain. So sorry friend. Gotta get Dexter trained to attack...soon....

Mustang Girl said...

Traci, thank you for this post! I am looking at a move possibly within the year, and I am about 99.9% sure it is going to be an apartment. I need to start gearing myself towards apartment living again. I have gotten used to living in homes and it has been several years since I had my apartment expierence. I do hope that you get some locking/security goodies to keep you better safe when you are home alone! And go get em girl for chewing some management booty!!!!! :)

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