As Promised...A Long, Long Time Ago.


Yeah, I finally got my photograms scanned, if you're interested, here they are.

In other unrelated news (shock! I'm not going to talk about school! I'm going to talk about....well....the cat), my cat recently fell out of his cat tree*. It was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. I laughed out loud.

*His cat tree is this god-awful, carpet colored, 6 feet tall thing that sits in the corner of the living room. He loves it like it was a drug (which, I guess it could be, seeing as it's "treated" with catnip), which explains why he rolls around on the top of it...thus causing him to roll off in his cat-tree-loving-frenzy.


gobdol said...

Can I just say again that these photograms you did are so beautiful! So did Dexter try to catch himself on the tree on the way down? I bet he was feeling a bit sheepish after that.

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