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Sad? Or very, very cool?

I just hit 2414 songs on my iPod (that over 7 days of music....nice...), so to celebrate I'm doing another music recommendation. But also because I've been busy lately. Like working non-stop, 14+ hour days, barely getting my projects done, kind of busy. Which, while we're on the subject, you don't have to trust any of my recommendations because I really don't know what I'm talking about. I just know what I like and I pass it on to you.

First up, Ringside, made up of duo Scott Thomas and Balthazar Getty (yes, that Balthazar Getty, currently stirring it up on Alias). Sort of a dance/alternative sound. If you check out their website, it'll stream some songs. But the one you'll want to check out is "Struggle". You'll have to find your own way on that though (iTunes, etc).

Basically, it's pretty fun music that makes me want to dance. Well, not really. OK. I danced. Just a little. But you don't get to see that.

Speaking of bands that make me want to dance (and you too, I'd assume), Hot Hot Heat is high on the list. If you like the Killers (and come on, who doesn't?) I can almost guarantee that you'll like Hot Hot Heat. Besides great music and causing this introvert to dance unabashedly in her living room, they also make me happy because the frontman, Steve Bays vaguely reminds me of my little brother*, Benji. Well, Benji with a lot of curly hair.


*I don't actually have a little brother. But Benji's the next best thing. I've known him his whole life...and our grandparents have been good friends since they were teenagers. Gotta love those roots.


Bar Bar A said...

very cool :)

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