Happy Holidays!


And of course, Happy Christmas.

We're off to Idaho, the land of quiet, and of dial up internet (otherwise known as "I won't be posting for the next 11 days").

Have a good one.


Mustang Girl said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

I am still on dial-up...someone...please...save me...from the maddness!! .:giggles:.

Jason said...

I saw you posted about the Johnny Cash movie poster earlier, but wasn't sure if you'd see the comment. So...

The movie poster is definitely awesome... it was actually created by Shepard Fairey, the same guy who created the OBEY campaign.

And Merry Christmas to you!

(I'm from the THT board)

Christie said...

Say hey Traci! Just stopping by to wish you a lovely Holiday & time off! Thanks again for the tunes. I just may be sending more "mail fun" [note: not to be confused with "male fun"] your way sometime in early 2006. Anyway, cheers! Best to ya!

Bar Bar A said...

Stopping by to wish you and Herman a Merry Christmas!!!

Regi McInfly said...

Happy new year Traci

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