Happy New Year.


I haven't done New Year's resolutions...well...ever, really. The pragmatic side of me seems to realize that I'll never actually follow through on them, so I just don't make them to begin with. Seems to keep the getting disappointed in myself thing to a low.

But I decided to make some this year. And, as this is my first new year as a blogger, I thought I'd share some of them with you all.

1. The obvious, and most cliche - to lose that 20 pounds that seems to have made its residence on my body. We're going on vacation this summer with Herman's family, and for once, I'd like not to be ashamed of those photographs. We'll see.

2. To create something everyday. I have this horrible disease called "perfectionism". For some reason, my mind thinks that I can't make something unless the end result is beautiful and perfect (in my eyes). The silly thing is, that I never get better. The whole, trying and failing in order to succeed thing scares me.

3. Continuing the above thought, I'm going to do something that I saw someone else do: take a photo a day of myself combined with something I learned that day. Could be a news item, or something much more mundane. It'll be a good lesson in discipline for me, which is something that I seem to lack.

4. Most importantly, I'm going to strive to keep in better touch with those people who are important to me. I'm horrible (HORRIBLE) at keeping in touch, which has led some of my friends and family to believe that I don't care about them. Ouch. And so NOT true.

So there. For now.

Feel free to share yours with me. We can keep each other in line.


Bar Bar A said...

Happy New Year, Traci! Looking forward to hearing about your life in '06. Don't worry about the 20 lbs, they'll melt

Lina said...

Hey Traci! I've been thinking of you, but I, too, am so bad at keeping in touch. I do enjoy stalking you on your blog, though. Keep it up! Love & Miss you. ;)

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