I Guess It Can Be Done.


Remember the Alphabet Book project? Well, after weeks of searching for photos, talking to numerous professional photographers, editing, designing, and not sleeping*...it's done.

Well, almost. This is the first one that I've actually printed, and it has some issues that I'll rectify in subsequent printings. I need to print another one for my professor, then a good one for my portfolio, then...8 more - for the extremely generous professional photographers who gave me their high res original images, and for the 4 fans who supplied me with their own concert photos. Yeah. That's a lot of printing.

The final book is 7" x 7" and slides into a cover. Just like a 7" LP.

And below this photo is a small, very horrible spread of the 26 pages, plus the intro and cover. I wanted a way to show the entire thing, but it's huge and this is all I came up with at this late hour. And for some reason, when moving this from Illustrator to Acrobat, the blacks changed. So the actual blacks aren't the grayish black that this is showing. Ok, it's crap, but there it is.

Oh, I wanted to mention the pros that helped me out. These guys are amazing:

K, N, X were provided by Mike Duncan.

C, E, P, R, T, W were provided by Greg Glenn.

G, Q were provided by Barry Hott.

D, Y were provided by Jesse Yance.**

*This coming week is the last week of classes, and Monday, I have like a bajillion projects due - including this book, one other book, and a 3-D letter. I haven't gotten to sleep before 3.00 am for the past week. As a result, I'm sick. Sick, sick, sick. What horrible timing.

**Is anyone else getting a Sesame Street vibe? Blah blah is brought to you by the letter A. Only, I've never seen Sesame Street so I wouldn't really know.


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