In Which We Scare the Crap Out of the Cat...And Then Make it Better.


A lesson on how to make your cat revert to being a frightened little kitten. Take off his normal collar (a very beaten up Manchester United collar), and replace it with a new collar...that has a bell on it. Watch your cat curl himself up in a ball and not move until you swear you've taken the god-forsaken bell of death off of his collar.

Then let him sit* in your lap until he's sufficently calmed down enough to go hide under the bed for the next 15 minutes.

To get your cat back to normal, let him go collarless for the rest of the afternoon and for good measure, fill his favorite stuffed frog (courtesy of Julie) with a pinch of Cosmic Catnip. He'll be good as new before you know it.

*Note, if you will, the way his feet are curled up in tense anticipation of the bell coming back.


Wesley said...

Why do they sell those things with bells, anyway? Our cat had the same reaction -- except in her case, she found the darkest, least accessible part of the closet to go hide in fear. Other than that, pretty much the same.

Glad to hear everyone survived.

Sharon said...

They sell collars with bells to supposedly save the birds that the cats want to eat. Except cats who really want to eat birds...figure out how to walk without the bell chiming.'s your bird freak friend. Glad your kitty is recovering from the experience.

Mustang Girl said...

I wanted to buy my parent's cat a collar with a bell on it... but was vetoed :( But it is good to know what type of reaction this may have intailed!!! What a cute cat!! Adorable!

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