The Two* Things That Annoyed Me Today.


Thing #1.
I spend all of my time in the Design Center here at RISD and most of my classes are on the 5th and 6th floors. When the school year started, I made a little deal with myself that I wouldn't take the elevator if I was going to any floor under 5 (like 4 - where the photo lab is). I've kept that deal and have even walked up to the 6th floor a couple of times (yes, this is going somewhere. Somewhere good? You be the judge of that).

So I get to the Design Center today, laden with numerous projects as it was our last day of Type class and we had to bring in all of our work, and walk over to the elevator. When the doors open, I go in, hit the 6th floor button, and when the doors start to close someone says to wait. A couple gets into the elevator and HITS THE BUTTON TO THE 2ND FLOOR.

My inner dialogue said something like "You have GOT to be kidding me". I'm afraid it will be said out loud one of these days because there is no end to the amount of people who will ride the elevator to the second floor. It's the second floor. 12 steps. 20 at the most. I tried to push away the very judgemental side of me, and give them the benefit of the doubt. You know, maybe they can't walk up stairs. Maybe their legs only work forward and backward, not up and down. Well, yeah, that didn't work very well. I judged.

Thing #2.
It snowed all day Sunday here. A good 3 to 4 inches. No, that's not the thing that annoyed me today. You'll have to wait until January or February when I've walked to school in the freezing cold and wiped out numerous times before you hear about snow annoying me. But be prepared. You know it's coming.

No, the thing that annoyed me was that I had to wear boots to school. OK, I didn't HAVE to, but walking in the snow in Chuck Taylors (and fake Chuck Taylor's to boot. hee hee, to boot) probably isn't the best idea (you would hear me complaining about snow then!).

I have sort of large feet for someone of my height, and my feet combined with the snow shoe boot things made me very, very aware of my feet all day.

I DO NOT like being aware of my feet all day.

*You're only getting two because that's all I feel like talking about.


Bar Bar A said...

i just found out what chuck taylors were the other day. that's how unhip i really am. don't tell anyone, ok?

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