At a Later Date.


I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with something funny or lighthearted to post about.

But quite honestly, it all seems a bit hollow in light of what's going on down south. I just feel on the verge of tears.

Maybe something will come to me tomorrow.

Until then....if you're interested in helping, check this out (as I'm sure there are many).

Category 5?!


We survived 3 fairly horrible hurricanes last summer, but that seems like child's play compared to Katrina (I mean, the damn storm is bigger than the entire state of Florida!) and what the Gulf Coast is facing. Especially New Orleans.

Most of the people we know have gotten out safe, thank God.

Think. Pray. Be ready to help if needed.

I've Never Thought of it That Way.


"My hair is a lot like's better on the second day."



Ah...the beauty and the perfection of design that is my new powerbook.

Even the packaging turns me on*. And Herman (a self proclaimed "computer guy"), likes to laugh at how protective I am of it.

*It's a graphic designer thing. I think. Or IS it?

My New Workspace.

One of the first things we did upon arriving in Providence was drive 2 hours to New Haven, CT and...IKEA (cue birds chirpping and dings of sunshine). We've had our eye on a great bookcase for the past couple of years (there's no IKEA within reasonable distance to Orlando), and since we both needed desks, to IKEA we went.

I normally don't like IKEA light colored wood, but they've recently began carrying things in the dark, urban/modern look that we like. I was very excited to find a cheap desk in the said color. It was cheap and functional. I liked it.

So I was more than a bit peeved to get home and find that my desk was not the black/brown promised by the tags and numbers, but rather...white.

Since the desk is so cheap, and IKEA so far away, and gas prices so very high, we decided to keep the blasted white desks (and yes, the legs don't match because they were supposed to match the black/brown).

Damn you IKEA and your affordable solutions for better living packaged in neat and easy to carry flat boxes with numbers instead of color names!

Things I've Forgotten About Apartment Life.


One must as not to disturb the people in the apartment below.

One must not shout private & potentially embarrassing things to ones spouse if he is in another room (even if the apt. is small).

One cannot watch movies at full, heart pounding volume.

One cannot listen to The Vines, Green Day, or any other loud band at the volume which best suits loud band music.

One must remember that only 1 person can fit in the kitchen at a time.

Ditto on the bathroom

Rules. Lots and lots of rules.

From the "My Cat is Turning into a Dog" file.

Comes running when I whistle. Check.

Brings me his toys when he wants to play. Check.

(and the newest):

Sits on command. Check.

Later (for awhile).


While some of you are busy making technological leaps forward, I (at least for the next 4 days) will be returning to the dark ages. No phone. No TV. No DVD. No Computer.

Just me, my cat, and my sketchbook.

Oh. And my cell phone and iPod. So not entirely the dark ages.

Just the semi-dark ages.

I'll see you on the other side - in Providence.

Friday Night Dinner Conversation.


"Yeah. Skorts are kinda like mullets. They're all business in the front, but there's a party goin' on in the back."

Found: More Treasures.


So about a year ago, one of my best friends (thank you Aimee) bought me this calendar - basically because March and its fornicating teddy bears made us laugh so hard we almost peed our pants.

I mean really, are there people out there who actually buy this calendar (not as a joke, of course), and hang it up on their wall? In all seriousness thinking that it's cute?

Here's to hoping they used teddy protection.

Quick Question.


How the heck do two people come to possess so much stuff?

If you need me, I'll be cowered in the corner...completely avoiding the reality that I have only 4 days left to pack up the
other half of our stuff.

I'm definitely going to need something to drink.

Observations of the Astute.


(Herman, upon seeing my mad packing skills)

"hey...great packing job! If you were a football team, you'd be the Green Bay Packers."


"And if you were the opposite of metrosexual, you'd be a cracker-packer."

Yeah. You know who you are.

It Was Only 25 Cents!


My husband's been holding out on me for the last 7 years. I found this in a bunch of his old clothes from college.

I don't know whether to bequeath it to someone else (ie, leave it in their house without them suspecting) or to toss it.


Little Troy.


When my big brother was an only child.

Dad Again.

I love this photo of my dad (on the left). He still gets that expression.


My dad is the one on the left, with (as my grandmother would say) a watermelon belly.

Papa Wayne.

1945 with his '37 Olds.

Great Grandparents.

I was privileged to know them both.

I love this picture of them looking very healthy. They're so beautiful to me.

Found: Old Photos

My great great grandmother, on her first plane ride. I have no idea what year this was.

Let's just say a long, long, time ago.

Mad Props

My husband is talented in so many things - one of them being photography. So...I finally talked him into doing a photo blog.

Check it out.



As I was cleaning out and packing up our office today, I came across this great picture of Dexter as a baby (before we got him).

You must understand that while yes, his ears are a tad big for his head, and his eyes are in fact pointed in two different directions, he's grown out of that phase. We all go through awkward moments.

I must now stop laughing because the
embarrassment has caused my cat to hide under the bed.

Pre "Moving Madness"

One last look at the normalcy of our house...and the last look at my dining room table for 3 years....

Favorite Line from a Book (for the moment).


"Shee. You guys are so unhip it's a wonder your bums don't fall off."

tee hee.

from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Douglas Adams

Something Happened on the Way to Orlando.

So Sunday evening, my friend Dana drops me off at the Providence Airport (is Providence even big enough to have an airport? you ask. Why yes, yes it is). As I check in, I'm told that the flight to Newark is delayed and I will most assuredly miss my connection in Newark, so they are going to reroute me through Cleveland. Fine by me.

So I board the plane to Cleveland, we back away from the gate, and then sit on the runway for over an hour...thus ensuring that I will miss my connection in Cleveland.

Upon arriving in Cleveland, I'm told that my flight to Orlando was the last one of the night, but that they have booked me on the first flight in the Miami.

I told them that I can't go to Miami. I just don't want to. (thank you Cleveland!*)

Actually it didn't turn out that bad (and by bad, I do mean me sleeping on the floor of the airport because I had no cash at that point). Herman's cousin and his wife live in Cleveland, so they picked me up, took me to their place, and then back to the airport in the morning. Then I got upgraded to first class. Wee!

So you can all now continue with your lives because, after 6 weeks, we are all (husband, cat and me) back together. Life is once again making sense. And my hand is right now loosing all feeling because my fat cat is lying on my arm as I type.


*to be said in your best rock-star shout.

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