It's Raining Babies....Not Men.


Or so says Herman, upon hearing that another of our friends are pregnant/ready-to-burst/already-gave-birth (this is our second pregnancy announcement in less than 3 days).

To those of you (and you know who you are) who find themselves in any of the 3 above stages of babying...congrats. Be sure to send us pictures.

He's An Addict. He Can't Help It.


(I know, we've gone a bit downhill lately here. Please file all complaints to the Rhode Island School of Design for sucking up any life that I thought I had. But please tell them I'm having fun.)

So this is our bathroom. It's small. It's not very interesting. Except for our cool shower curtain showcasing bands that have played at (the doomed)
CBGB's. It's fun. It gives us something to read...whilst* in the shower.

But our dear cat** is addicted to chewing plastic (I have no idea where that came from, or if it's even normal for cats), and within a week of having the shower curtain up, Dexter had made his way across the entire bottom of it.

Have you all heard of this before? Or how to stop it (and yes, we're currently trying the spray)?

*Thanks Wes.

**Ok...there have been a lot of posts here lately about our cat. I'm going to stop now. At least for awhile.

Random Musings of a Tired Mind.


I found a spider in the refrigerator this morning. Alive, and apparently not at all concerned that he (she?) was living in utter darkness and extreme cold. I of course, relieved him of his post (Yes people, I killed him), and went along with the rest of my morning without the slightest of remorse.

I do have to wonder how in the world he got in there. We don't exactly leave the door open for any length of time that would allow for a spider to get in. Unless the spider was sitting by the crack of the door, waiting to get into the dark and the cold.

Yeah, I know it's stupid. But it's Friday and my mind is fried.

More Product Placement...


Awhile back, I talked about how much I loved my foofpod, and how I'd be getting the bigger version for my beautiful new laptop.

And so I have...which led me to feel the need to tell all of you.

Also, as a side story, my cat is completely obsessed with this bag. The first time I brought it out and set it on my desk, it took Dexter all of 3.5 seconds to jump up on the desk and look at it. He gently reached out his paw to stroke the pretty green corduroy. Satisfied with it's apparent softness, he proceeded to get into flop position (yes, our cat does not lay down. He flops down). I leapt out of my chair and caught him mid flop...about 4 inches above my brand new foofbag...and more importantly - my brand new powerbook.

You will now see all of my creative powers (ones that should be focused on my projects...right now in fact) turned towards keeping Dexter away from his new favorite place to rest.

Oh, I'm very happy with the bag, by the way.

I Never Knew.


So, apparently, I walk funny. Not so much "ha ha" funny, but "Dude, that's just not the way you're supposed to do it" funny.

I never knew. I never even thought about the way I walked. Heck, I've been doing it for 20 some years (not sure how old I was when I actually learned to walk), and it seems to suit me fine, most of the time.

Until recently, when I've had to walk, alot, every day. And I developed the most horrible shin splints.* After much whining and complaining to my husband, he watched me walk and kindly pointed out that I don't walk normal.

It seems that I walk on the outside edge of my feet. I also tend to hold my toes up a bit and push off of my heel rather than the ball of my foot. See? Funny. Upon trying to walk "normal" I noticed that the pain didn't feel nearly so bad.

So maybe all of that tripping over my feet is because of the way I walk! I can see the light! I'll just try to use all of my foot rather than part of it! Yeah, that'll fix it. Except that normal walking COMPLETELY MESSES WITH MY SENSE OF BALANCE.

I say "forget it". Don't mess with a good thing.

*This totally harkens back to the "Athlete Traci" days of old. Man, I'm out of shape.

Favorite Quote of the Day.


"I did love straight out of the tube."

Alright, do you all want these quotes explained, or do you think that the mystery is half the fun? I personally enjoy the mystery, but...I'm here to please.

I'm Gonna Be A Type Geek.


Today was my first day of Typography I (that's Type 1 to all the initiated). Yes, I have an entire class (5 hours every Monday to be exact) just to study type*. Actually, I have 3 entire classes just to study type...thus the "Type 1". Baseline. X-Height. Ascenders. Descenders. Ahhh...Have I mentioned recently how happy I am that I'm here? That I'm doing Graphic Design?

So I guess I lucked out on the professor. Apparently, she's the best Type professor at RISD. I also hear that she works the butts off of her students, as evidenced by the exercise below.

Now, they might just look like ordinary lines to you. And well, yeah, they're just ordinary lines. But our assignment is to draw each line, freehand (that means no cheatin' with a ruler). And they have to be exactly the same. See the distance from left to right and top to bottom between each line? They have to be identical. See how it goes dark, light, dark at very precise intervals? They have to be identical. See how my mark making is not all identical? Yeah. This is not a perfect page of these things.

And here's the great part (you should sense a bit of sarcasm there), we have to hand in 5 pages (11" x 14") of perfect mark making next week. And it doesn't end there. She'll be spicing it up a bit by adding curves, bends, and well...just making it harder on a weekly basis. Why? Because we'll be drawing our our typefaces soon. And she wants us to be very, very good.


You think it looks easy? I dare ya to try, wiseguy.

*I also have an entire class just to study color. I'll tell you how that one goes after tomorrow.

Thank you. Come again.

It Wouldn't Be My Life Without A Little Excitement.


(By the way, I'm completely stinking at this whole blog thing lately)

So I started class today. Form and Communication. 5 hours of class.

I decided that since I'm doing this whole going back to school thing, I really want to do it right (God knows I sure didn't do it right the first time). Be on time. Be organized. Always be prepared.

Well, naught for 3 ain't bad. Yeah, actually it is.

My morning started when I decided to get to class a bit early. This way, I could stop by the mail room to see if I had any mail, or more specifically, anything I needed to know about class today. You see, by doing this early, I would ensure myself time to run to the RISD store if needed.

The best laid plans...

I opened my mailbox and had a tiny little note saying that I would, in fact, need 60 (60!) photocopied images to bring to class. Let me remind you that at that point, class was to start in 20 minutes.

I panicked (even though Douglas Adams tells us not to), and called Herman. He grabbed some of my magazines and ran to Staples to make copies. By this time, I'm sweating, helpless, just waiting for him to get to me (and totally misjudging how much time it takes to make 60 copies).

I run into a friend who tells me to just go to class. At this time, it's officially 11.20, and my class is to start at 11.20. I get in the elevator, which stops at every floor before hitting mine - the 6th. I jump out of the elevator and see a note on the door of my classroom. We're to meet in the auditorium at 11.10. 11.10!!!

Back to the elevator, down the 6 floors, out the building where I run to the auditorium. We're there for about 20 minutes as they introduce the Graphic Design faculty. They then tell us to go back to our classrooms. This gives me enough time to call Herman and see where he's at with the whole making copies thing.

5 minutes later he drives up and in a very Bondish way, tosses my copies to me and I run back up to the 6th floor, squeaking in the door with about 3 seconds to spare before my professor calls roll.


Product Placement.


We ordered a large iced cappuccino, but they gave us..."The Tank" (apparently, there was a shortage on large glasses).

Two pieces of advice, that's all I'm giving today.

1. Be aware that drinking such large quantities (even if you are sharing) of coffee and milk will have some sort of ill effect on your stomach. 'Nuff said.

2. If you are accustomed to taking any sort of Sunday afternoon nap, make sure you consume "The Tank" after...not before your nap.

This Week, It's All About the Music, My Friends.


A couple of weeks ago, I was on the Honorary Title website, looking at their tour dates and saw that Jarrod Gorbel (the frontman of said Honorary Title) would be going it alone on the Hotel Cafe Tour, which would be coming through Boston. Of course, we decided that we would have to go to this show, not only because of Gorbel, but because he would also be touring with Joshua Radin and Cary Brothers (a couple of my favorite artists).

Long story short, we ended up not going to Boston...instead we went to Northampton, MA last night to see the show. We're used to going to venues where there is no assigned seating...first come, first served, which means we usually have to get to shows early. So yesterday we took off from Providence and got to the venue (the Iron Horse - an amazing place)...and were the first ones there, so we snagged a table right by the stage and ordered some food.

Now, before I go on, you have to know a few things about me. One, on my list of beautiful things that can drive me tears is one of Radin's songs called "Closer". I LOVE this song, in a deep, very important to me kind of way. Second, when seeing someone "famous" I've never felt the strong need to rush up and meet them (not that I've seen many famous people. Actually, no one famous or even semi-famous). I've just never wanted to be that kind of person. Third, I'm usually pretty good at meeting (non-famous) people and making conversation. I've even been known to be witty, from time to time.

We were the first ones there, and the artists were all milling around, getting things to drink and really, just hanging out and we saw Joshua Radin walk by, and hey, he seems like a nice guy, why don't we go talk to him? I felt like a huge dork, but he was so nice, talked to us a bit, even took a picture with us, blah, blah. I even think I managed to tell him how much I like "Closer" (although I'm sure it didn't come out very eloquently). He was very down to earth.

We sat back down and I decided that that was it. No more meeting the cool singers that I like. I just don't enjoy making a fool of myself that much.

After all of that, the show was simply amazing. There were maybe 40 people in the audience and all of the artists sang 4 or 5 songs. Most of the time just them and their guitars. If you have a chance, you've got to catch this tour. It's all about a bunch of friends traveling and playing their music. It was really great.

Ok, highlights of the night:

Joshua Radin. I cannot think of many things more enjoyable than listening to this guy sing, and he's amazing live. His voice has the ability to both soothe and break your heart at the same time. I wish we could have seen him for more than 20 minutes. And like I said, I love his song "Closer"*. So hearing him sing it live was definitely a beautiful moment in my life. A very cool moment in our lives was when he said, "This is my song 'Closer'. And it's for you two" as he pointed at me and Herman. We got to thank him after the show (and - giddy moment alert - he gave me a kiss on the cheek.)

Jarrod Gorbel**. When you see this guy, (or meet him in a very dorky way) you expect him to be fairly laid back. But knowing his music, I was looking forward to seeing him perform. He does not disappoint. I cannot describe the transformation that happens once he is behind a microphone and his guitar. I've never seen someone sing with such rawness, passion, and intense energy. It comes through when you listen to the cd, but his voice blows you away when you are sitting right in front of him. It was brilliant.

Cary Brothers***. Perhaps best known for his song "Blue Eyes" (from the Garden State soundtrack), he closed the night with it.

*You can listen to "Closer" on Joshua Radin's myspace website.

**When we were eating dinner (nachos), I told Herman that I was more in the mood for something light. "Like Jarrod Gorbel?" he asks
(Because he's really really skinny, you see). Is that even legal?

***Another great observation from my husband: "His name is plural!"

I Dreamt in British Last Night.


We stayed up til 2.00 am this morning. Why, you ask? Were we so engrossed in deep, meaningful conversation that we just couldn't end? Were we out enjoying the night life* of Providence? What on earth could cause us to stay up til 2.00 in the morning?


I wish it were more heroic than that, but there you have it. We've gotten completely hooked on this show called Top Gear which is on the Discovery Channel. And as Herman was gone and we missed watching it together at 10.00 pm, we decided to wait up (catching bits of Mythbusters and Conan O'Brien in the process) until it re-aired at 1.00 am. It's full of the things that we love: fast, exotic cars. Slightly random funniness. And Brits. Lots of Brits**.

*you would only know how funny this comment is if you actually live in Providence...and know that as far as we've seen, the city shuts down at 5.00 pm.

**Which (along with our lovely British neighbors from Orlando, among many other things) fuels my desire to not only visit, but totally relocate to England. Herman says it's too expensive. Oh, and reading this post is so much more fun if you do, in fact, read it with a British accent. Cheers!

Another Recommendation.


Let's see...

Moved into a small apartment (nicknamed "the cave"). Check.
Unpacked things into our small apartment. Check.
Start school in less than a week...ok.

This might come as a shock, but my life hasn't been too exciting the last couple of days...thus the lack of really interesting things to post about. So...I thought I'd give my most current music recommendation: Neutral Milk Hotel.

Now, I need to prempt a few things:

1. I know...Neutral Milk Hotel - not such a new band. In fact, their first album came out in 1996, and their last album came out in 1998. But you see...I was really a different person back then. My musical tastes were not so, well, refined back then. So you'll forgive me for just discovering this really great band.

2. The picture on the right is from the album cover of "In the Aeroplane, Over the Sea". Now, by putting this artwork up and recommending this band, it does not mean that I support bands who encourage anatomically questionable young men to wave at women who have a drum instead of a head. Nor do I support the replacement of womens heads with drums. I tried to find out more about the artist behind such an abominable* piece of artwork, but alas, googling (or "googleing"? I don't know) "neutral milk hotel cover artwork" did not reveal as much as googling "the honorary title cover artwork". As it took me over 10 minutes to find nothing, I gave up.


Really though, if you're looking for a great band that can rival The Decemberists, check out Neutral Milk Hotel. They do not disappoint.

*I really don't think this piece of artwork is "abominable". I think it is rather pretty and fascinating.

Just for Laughs.


He did not learn that from me.

Artist or Designer?


I start classes in a little over a week. And not the "basics of art" kind of classes, but the real deal kind of classes. The ones full of 19 year old kids who want to be great designers. The ones that are intense and challenging and will, no doubt, push me way out of my comfort zone.

This, combined with the classes that I took this summer, made me realize that I am more designer than artist. I wouldn't have made that distinction a few months ago...but it seems glaring to me now. I think I'm comfortable in the role of designer, but I am challenged to be an artist. I want to be an artist too.

My dear friend Sumiko (thanks Sumi!), introduced me to an amazing artist who I constantly go back to for inspiration. His name is Danny Gregory and his story can be found in this book.

It's amazing. You should check it out.

Lost in Translation.


I don't know that there will ever be that "moment" when it is again appropriate to go back to the "normal" things of life after tragedy...I've chosen to resume with this silly and nonsensical and shallow blog...but know that this tragedy and the people that I know who were affected by it are constantly on my mind.

On his last trip to China, Herman picked me up a few cd's.

Now before you get your knickers in a twist about us buying pirated cd's, or call the FBI on us, let me just say that Herman bought these at a legitimate cd shop. He didn't go around whispering "CD? DVD?" in the hopes that someone would lead him to their secret stash of pirated booty (most likely in an abandoned apartment building or under a man-hole cover).

But I do have to say that I laughed so hard when I saw that this particular cd cover said "Coolplay"* rather than "Coldplay". Ahh...the tedious process of language translation.

And Barbara, I'd only do this for you (even if I don't play by the "rules"):

The 5 songs that I'm "digging"** right now:

:: "Beautiful" by Athlete
:: "Fix You" by Coldplay
:: "Everything I Once Had" by The Honorary Title
:: "Une Annee Sans Lumiere" by The Arcade Fire
:: "The King of Carrot Flowers Part 1" by Neutral Milk Hotel

*Coolplay, the lesser known band with such hits as "Do Panic", "Yellowish", "Wristwatch" and "the Speed of Light".

** I don't know when the last time was that I "quoted" so many things.

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