In Which I Prove to the World That I am a Klutz.


It was bound to happen at one point or another.

I wiped out while walking to school yesterday.

And it wasn't on a quiet street where I could look around, pick my embarassed self off the ground, and silently pretend nothing happened. It was on the sidewalk of a particularly busy street - right by the traffic light. So I not only had an audience, I had a very captive one.

In my defense, I was walking on a dodgy part of the sidewalk, apparently where no one ever dares to walk, seeing as it hadn't been scraped of the snow and ice that was on it. There wasn't even a speck of salt on it.

But there I was, talking on my cell phone (shhhhh....), carefully avoiding the big patches of ice. When I hung up the phone, I immediately slipped, and dropped to one knee, the other leg splayed out to the side.

I thought about pulling out my best "jazz hands" and bowing to my adoring audience. But instead, I gave a sheepish smile and (quickly) went on my merry way.

Stupid ice.


Bar Bar A said...

Ouch! Sounds like it hurt your pride more than your knee but still, it must have hurt.

I will never forget falling down some stairs in the quad area of my HIGH SCHOOL during snack break. I was mortified.

Wesley said...

Sorry about your wipeout.

I had my first in a long time this week too, on the escalator coming out of the underground. I found I couldn't make eye contact with anyone behind me...

We's all klutzes one way or another...

Traci said...

Ahh...misery loves company.

And klutzes.

bazeblog said...

i am always tripping around here -- uneven roads, & other great excuses. ice slips are the best, though... when i moved to romania (after living in fla all my life), i had never seen an icy sidewalk (much less walked on one & wouldn't have even known what to avoid). so that led to much entertainment for the locals. oh, and i love that you used the word, "dodgy"... sorry to use your blog on my own... is there a limit on these com

jpn said...

Perfect! Nothing like an audience to appreciate the moment. Brings me back to freshman year, late for the bus for 8 a.m class, trying to catch it in the rain, jump over chain fence, foot catches said fence in midair -- fall right on to back with all the cute girls looking on... those are days you just go back to bed.

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