OK. Maybe There is Something.


This is what happens when you have time (too much?) and some fun new camera toys.

Tomorrow I'll let you know about my fun Christmas gift. I wouldn't want to give it all away at once now, would I?


bazeblog said...

i see a feature length film somewhere in these pics -- maybe...
"nightmare on cat street" or
"so i married a cat murderer" or
"alias, the movie" (is that already a movie?)
ok - that's why i am not in film. hey wait, i am... but it's someone else's film, & they don't let me do anything to it except put it into languages no one's heard of.

Bar Bar A said...

It's a damah film!

Slimbolala said...

Was the cat delicious?

Traci said...

Best cat I've ever had.

(and welcome back Slimbolala...it's always great to see you.)

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