What's the Deal?


I bet you're wanting a really great excuse, right, for why it's been days since my last post?

Maybe I've been traveling to exotic locations, and just can't get to a computer to blog (I haven't). Maybe all of my time is being spent inside a studio, and as in the regular semester, I'm just swamped (I'm not). Maybe I was kidnapped and forced to watch horrible romantic comedies (I wasn't). Maybe you all don't really care (which is the most likely).

The truth is not at all exciting or romantic. I'm just tired. And can't think of anything to blog about. Which is funny because my blog isn't really about anything to begin with. And now I'm just wasting space and time to tell you that I can't think about anything to blog about on my blog that isn't really about anything.

What a sad little space I find myself in.


gobdol said...

That just goes to show you that even the best of us have off days. Gives bloggers like me hope to hear your honesty :) (And it made me smile) Even when you blog about blogging about nothing, you're funny.

bazeblog said...

i HAVE been wondering what you are up to... it's been so fun to stay "connected" through your blog! actually, in your absence, i'm also wondering if i spend too much time blogging myself... speaking of too much time, tell your husband "thanks A LOT" for that southpark link... mike & i did all of our favorite travel team members on it last night. i'll send it to y'all if you are interested.

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