We spent this past weekend in Newport with our good friends Greg and Camille. Sunday night, we took off for New London for dinner with some other friends (Fabio and Debbie) and the Banff Mountain Film Festival. And might I add I was the only one out of us 6 that didn't graduate from Cornell. Go Cal State Hayward! (or not).

Now, I could tell you about the great films that we saw (and we saw some good ones), but instead, dear Internet, I'm going to give a small Public Service Announcement. Brought on by the fact that not 1, not 2, but 3 of the films we saw used the typeface (if it can even be called that) "Papyrus" in their opening and closing credits.

Thus, I feel it my duty as a Graphic Designer and lover of type to tell all who care to listen: The following typefaces are cliche, overused, and just plain ugly. Avoid them like they are a plague that will rot out your insides (although, in the case of publishing things on the internet, there is a small exception. Keep reading). And never, not even in the most dire of circumstances, ever type an email in a decorative font (I have actually received emails typed entirely in Comic Sans). I don't care if your computer ate all of your other fonts.

You can however, with the blessing of most designers, use these beautiful and gorgeous typefaces (just to name a few) without reservation:

I understand that most people won't have access to Helvetica or Bodoni, so in this case (and because the internet doesn't give too many options), you can use Arial (this blog, in fact in done in Arial because of the three sans serif font available, this one happens to be the better of the three. And I could publish it with a serif font, but I like the clean look that a sans serif provides). But if given a choice...

Thus ends my time on the soap box. Because I don't really care. Not alot anyway.

Any questions?


Bar Bar A said...

Yes, I do have questions. Blogger only allows a few types of font. Which of those do you think is the most appealing?

Also - can you tell what font my blog is typically in? A TEST for you!

Traci said...

Of the available fonts, I think (as much as I hate to say it) I'd go with Arial. Unfortunately. There just aren't many options.

Your blog is typically in Georgia (you can tell by the serifs).

julie said...

A blog that I frequent recently had a post about the fonts that the Blogger prefers and often works with. Many of them are on your "no-no" list. The person also graduated from RISD with a design degree.

So, I guess this is a controversial topic with you design folk? Man, I wouldn't want to be stuck on an elevator with a bunch of you guys when the topic goes to talk of the elevator button font. It could get ugly....

sumiko said...

This post made me smile, since I share your feelings re: Comic Sans, but would go to bat for Arial . . . namely becuase it's the preferred font among instructional designers for its high visibility and easy legibility when projected in PowerPoint and other corporate communications.

I would agree with Julie that this would probably be a "hot button" for many a designer, and opinions would vary across the design application. For instance, Verdana is often chosen for its legibility in soft copy format, though as a print font, it leaves much room for improvement and I think Garamond wins by a wide margin! :)

For your amusement:

Bar Bar A said...

what the hell is a serif? I use Verdana most of the time. ARIAL? Wow, that's a shocker. Arial? I may have to switch because I trust you implicitly.

Traci said...


That's so funny. I was just looking at the post that's on the top of your page all the time. I'm assuming that one is Georgia.

I should have looked further down....

As for the serifs, look at verdana, then look at georgia. It's the small thing that hangs off of the letters.

And Arial is really the best of the ones Blogger has to offer. I just don't use it in any of my work.

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