What? You've never seen a crab-cat before?

No there's nothing wrong with him. Yes, he's just weird like that.

And just so we're straight and honest here...I didn't take this picture. Herman did. But I developed and printed it. We're all about the team work here.


Mike & Jess said...

Though I haven't met YOU, I have met your cat and I - being a lover of kitties myself - find him absolutely charming! Cute picture of him. Brings out his character :)

Traci said...

I totally forget that you've met him. We're like family now.

jpn said...

Didn't the Koreans claim to have made the 'crab cat' right after human cloning? You can use this to get published (albeit very breifly) in any number of medical journals.

Cats are freaky.

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