Hooch is Crazy.


There's this episode of Scrubs where JD and Turk like to play tricks on Dr. Hooch. Such as the "soup shower" where they put beef boullion in the shower head (quite brilliant really). Dr. Hooch runs out of the locker room, clothed only in his towel, ranting about finding the person who did it and killing them. JD and Turk sit by, eating popcorn and laughing. They then turn to each other, smile, and say, "Hooch is crazy".

We've sort of adopted this saying about things that are, well...crazy (go figure).

Take, for instance, our downstairs neighbor. Remember the horrible apartment experience, compliments of our downstairs neighbors "leaky" bathroom? I say "leaky" because a couple of weeks ago, the maintence men came back to our apartment (I was fully clothed and my husband was present) to see about a "leak". Upon finding nothing, again, they shook their heads and said "That's Billy*. He just wants us to remodel his bathroom." Thank you Billy. Can I continue to expect the nice maintence men to come by monthly or quarterly?

Hooch is crazy.

But that's nothing compared to what's been going on. Remember Goonies? Psh. Stupid question, of course you remember Goonies (unless you are my husband, who might not remember Goonies, seeing as he didn't see Star Wars until after we started dating. I kid because I love). Anyway, remember that scene when Mikey has to go to the bathroom when they're in the Fratelli hideout? Remember how he finds Sloth chained to the wall, and the hideous sounds he'd make?

Well, aparently, Billy kidnapped Sloth and is keeping him chained to the wall...most likely in his bathroom. Seriously, you would not believe the noises that come out of that apartment. Our apartment shakes from the groans, grunts, and what is obviously something being thrown or smashed.

I don't know what's going on down there, but I'm pretty sure it's outlawed in most civilized societies.

Hooch is crazy.

* I did not change his name to protect his innocence.


julie said...

Who doesn't remember that part in Scrubs?!

A good thing about having crazy neighbors is that it keep life interesting! And you'll get to know the maintenance guys from their frequent visits to check your "leaks". Do you remember in Scrubs how Turk and JD used to put Rowdy in front of their neighbor's door to get him to laugh? Very amusing, in my opinion. I think it was in the 2nd season.

By the way, did you watch it last night - they had a song with my name in it!! I have to find out who sings it so that I can get it for my iPod - Whoohoo!

Hooch & Billy are crazy. But, maybe you'll be the ones who get a remodeled bathroom out of the deal?!

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