Invisible Children.


A few months back, I mentioned a couple of guys I met back in 2005, Bobby and Jason, and the documentary film they made, Invisible Children.

Amazing things are happening for them as more and more people see the film and want to get involved. Currently, there are teams traveling all over the states to do screenings of the film. We're hosting two screenings here in Rhode Island, and if one of the teams will be somewhere close to most of you, please go see it (except for Wesley and Josh...You guys would have to travel to Italy to see it. And doesn't look too good for Idaho). Jason, Bobby, and Laren are currently working on a full length version of the film, and I believe they're hoping to release it sometime next year.

Check out their website for more information. Like what their mission is. Who they are. Frequently asked questions. Who they've partnered with. And you can read journals of sorts from when they were in Africa, as well as what others are saying here.

If you want to see it and can't make it to a screening, let me know, I have extra DVD's. Also, if you want to host a screening, let me know or contact them.

That's all.


eddyericks63325596 said...
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julie said...

Would love to get a hold of one of those DVDs!

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