The Little Roll of Film That Could.


In Febuary of 2004, Herman and I made our first trek to Thailand. I shot multiple rolls of film, and ended the trip halfway through a role of black and white. Later that year, we went to Eastern Europe with his family, and I finally managed to finish off that roll of film. sat. And sat. And sat some more. I was basically too lazy to take it to the proper developers (Costco doesn't develop "real" black and white film, just so you know).

Then I realized a couple of weeks ago that I could develop it! So, well, I did.

After I finished up my assignment for class, I played in the dark room for awhile with this roll. I basically decided to set a different tone by playing with filters and contrast. I'm super happy with how they turned out. I really like the whole high contrast very graphic look in photography.

I see much more of this type of photo in my future.

What do you think? (click to see larger, of course)


Mike & Jess said...

First of all - great pictures! They are absolutely beautiful.

So I think we can really all be friends now that I know how much ya'll like Scrubs!! I believe my husband really thinks he IS JD (and Noa, Turk! What do you think?). So someday when we bring the love up north, we'll have to watch an episode or two!

Traci said...

This is so sad, but I just finished re-watching seasons one and two again. But don't tell anyone.

So does Mike have weird daydreams, and constantly narrate his life? And yeah, I totally think Noa could be Turk...especially with his dancing skills.

Oh, and thanks!

jpn said...

Nice gothic pics! Reminds me of the time... (insert random JD memory here ending with a nun punching him in the groin)...

Stupid nuns.

Wesley said...

Cool pics, I love "rediscovering" things like that. I have a disposable camera around here somewhere that has pics from various points in the last 4 years waiting to be developed (for much the same reason -- it was done on British AGFA film, which the run of the mill photo shops in the U.S. won't develop). It will be interesting to get developed, though I'm sure not as gorgeous as your snaps!

Mike & Jess said...

Mike totally narrates in his head! He even admitted it the other night while we were watching Scrubs with Noa and Julie!! And we have watched Seasons 1 and 2 more than once, ourselves. Classics.

noa said...

Great pics...You are so talented. I talked to my mom today and was introducing her to the blog world. She was struck by your bright blue eye and so we went and checked out your blog. Now she wants you to come and take pictures of her garden. "Do you think I could hire her?" she asked me. I love that woman (like a mom). Scrubs is popping (I'm just now trying that term out to describe something as happening and cool). And thanks Traci for the "julie" song info...performed by Fountains of Wayne. I'm on it. And one last thing, JPN is an amazing leaper...and a giant. He's popping. As is this blog-site. Keep popping. Pop on.

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