The Rat's Hiney.


I've spent my fair share of time over the last year giving my recommendations on movies or music. And you know what? I realized that most of you probably don't give a rat's as-, uh, hiney about what music and movies I like. So, in lieu of yet another painfully written "Great movie....blah, blah, blah" post, I give you "Traci's-abbreviated-version-of-some-movies-she-watched-that-you-probably-don't-give-a-rat's- hiney-about".

Millions - good
The Constant Gardener - good
Junebug - good
Me, You, and Everyone We Know - sorta good
In Her Shoes - good
I Shot Andy Warhol - meh
Thumbsucker - good
Broken Flowers - not even worth the energy to write "meh".

So there you have it. And, oh you would not believe the load of work that got dumped on me the first day of class, so if you want links to those movies, look 'em up yourself because I just don't have the time.


Bar Bar A said...

LOL, I like your style and of course I care what you think about anything and everything!

Wesley said...

Aw, I like your reviews. Especially on music, etc., I would not think to check out otherwise.

Maybe I'll watch one of these movies in the hotel tonight. I'm thinking Constant Gardener.

bazeblog said...

mike & i take your recommendations very seriously, as you have yet to steer us wrongly... did i tell you we finally saw (& bought :) eternal sunshine & big fish recently? loved them both.

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