I'm Beat.


My spring semester only started a bit over a week ago and already I'm feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired.

This is the desktop of my computer. If you'll notice the (small) time in the upper right hand corner, you'll see that I was up until 3.00 finishing work that was due today. But of course it always takes me awhile to wind down and actually fall asleep, so at 4.00, I was laying in bed reading my Johnny Cash autobiography (courtesy of Julie), only to wake up at 8.00 so that I could print all my stuff. I just made it to class at 11.30.

Ok. No more complaining. It really isn't all that bad when you love what you're doing. But I am hoping to get 8 hours of sleep tonight.


susan said...

hi, traci! :) wendy linked me to your blog - this is susan, from 6hoc, btw. :) anyway, just wanted to say that your blog is so fun to read! and I moved (lots of times) so I don't get your newsletters anymore and had no idea that you were even at risd... I feel so out of the loop. I also wanted to say that I am impressed at the cleanliness of your desktop. and... that's about it for now. :) oh, and say hi to herman for me too. :)

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